06 April 2006


It's 4:47 a.m. I can't sleep. I've been up since 3. I have the flu. Apparently it makes me write in simple sentences.

I have had a fever for 3 days. I have been sleeping about 20 hours per day. I was just on WebMD. 3-4 days of fever is average for the flu. I hope I'm average.

I'm going back to bed to see if I can sleep a little bit more before I have to get up and call for a substitute. I was hoping that I would be able to go to school today. I hate being sick. My students don't do well with substitutes.


Stacey said...

Ode to Deb

Boo Hoo, you have the flu
what are WE to do?

The kids are a mess,
but don't stress!

Simple sentences are not the norm,
we expect you back in full form!
Barb and Stacey (we miss you!)

Deb said...

My co-workers are the best!

Thanks for cracking me up!

cris said...

bummer on the earlier in the month illness...i've been sick this week and have discovered that being really ill with a baby is NO GOOD. I can't just hole up on the couch with movies and my gatoraide like i use to.

Anywho, we are still discussing travel plans and want to take the train. I've lost your phone and your email in the course of losing my computer. Can you email that too me???

tabitha jane said...

i would LOVE to come to over the rhine with you!!!

i don't know if jon wants to go . . . i will have to ask him . . .