16 September 2006

Oil Painting #3: Abe

Right before school started I painted this portrait of our dog, Abe, in one of his aristocratic moments. Since it was oil on rice paper, I had to leave at the the art studio to dry. With school starting up, I haven't been able to stop by and pick it up from the studio so Kris, the owner, stuck the painting in the window as part of her window display. I tried to stop by a couple of times after work to pick it up but she's already been gone for the day.

(Somewhat-related sidenote: One reason I've been getting home later is that they needed a 4th girl's volleyball coach at school and somehow they talked me into doing it. I don't know anything about coaching volleyball but I'm learning fast. I'm not liking the time commitment, but the money's not bad and it's fun to hang out with kids in a different environment from the classroom.)

Anyway, one day last week when I got home from work there was an answering machine message from Kris saying that there was a man who wanted to by my Weimaraner painting. What?!! It's only the third painting I've ever done, and, while I like some elements of it, it's Not That Good. I called the guy back. He's from Sacremento and was in Portland last weekend. He's been looking for a gift for a friend's birthday. This friend owns a Weimaraner. He just happened to be driving through Sellwood on his way out of town, and saw my Abe in the window. It seemed serendipitous and Meant To Be, so I sold it to him and I'll ship it to him this week.

I'm hoping that the sales price is enough for me to by my own set of oils and a couple of canvases. In the mean time, I need to finish up a little sewing project and some jewelry in progress so I can clear off my craft table to paint. The first painting will probably be another portrait of Abe.


Cowells said...

I can't even pretend to know about art, but I think the painting is startlingly good, especially for such a newbie. Very groovy. Congrats on the sale!

Ryan L Freed said...

Congradulations! That's great. I'll take one too someday in case you forgot that I want a Deb original.

njc said...

You're a selling artist! Wow! I'm going to have to snatch up one of your next works before everyone finds out about you and you have a show in Manhatten and then you open up your own gallery and so on.

Amy said...


seriously -- you must be a prodigy.
I still have my 3rd oil painting and I think the only person who liked it was me.