05 September 2006

Skirt 3

For my sister, Kris, here it is: the third summer skirt. Just as summer is coming to a close.

I didn't want to cut up the funky print so I made my own skirt pattern because I wanted the Simplest Skirt Ever. I sort of followed this guide.

It turned out ok but I probably should have put some darts in the front, not just in the back.

Oh, and I found this free tutorial to make "bitty booties" on Heather Bailey's site and I'm going to write about it here so I can find it later if I ever decide I need to make baby booties. I think they'd make fun baby gifts and since women my age seem to be cranking out the babies I'm often in need of a fun gift.


Ryan L Freed said...

Cute skirt! You're probably right about the darts, but it's so cute no one will notice. So, what's with the Heather Bailey site? Is she someone you know or just someone who has a cool blog or does she sell stuff or what? She has really neat stuff.

Deb said...

she just has a cool blog. i don't know her, but she's crafty as "all get out" (is that an Indiana phrase?)