07 October 2006

Warning: Nekkid Ladies in this Post

Last night I co-hosted my first ever Naked Lady Party with my friend, the fabulous Michelle. If you haven't heard of a Naked Lady Party before, it is not nearly so scintillating as it sounds! Basically it's a women's clothing exchange. Apparently, there is a West Coast style and an East Coast style--which is presumably much more "civilized" and genteel in manner.

We are West Coast all the way, baby! Which means women empty out their closets of clothes they no longer want, they bring them to my house and put them on giant piles (smaller, mediumer and larger). Then we warned them "No kicking, hitting or biting." After the starting call of "Let's get naked!", women dove into the clothing piles and pulled out pieces that interested them and tried them on.

We had more than 30 women--some of them I never even had the chance to meet because it was so crowded and chaotic. In honor of the theme, I made boobie cupcakes and we washed them down with punch and wine. It was an uproariously good time and everyone left with at least one brown paper bag full of free clothes. There are ONLY 21 garbage bags full of left over clothing. The ARC is making a round of donation pick-ups on Tuesday. The poor truck driver is going to be so bewildered when he pulls up on Tuesday and sees 21 garbage bags full of clothes on the curve.

P.S. Thanks to Michelle for sending out the e-vites and inviting oodles of fascinating women of all shapes and sizes.

P.P.S. Thanks to the Wise and Bearded One for taking the perro grande and the perro pequeno for a long walk in the park and an evening at his office.

P.P.P.S. Sarah, I think you and Kris would have a lot of fun hosting one of these.
P.P.P.P.S. More pictures on Flick'r


Ryan L Freed said...

Too fun! I'm thinking about having a party here sometime. You've inspired me. I think I would do it West Coast style.


Kris said...

Oh my word!!! How fun does this sound?!! What a great idea! I've always thought about doing something similar to this with all of the many scented body products I have laying around my house that I don't necessarily like, need, or use... this is even better!

I may just have to host one of these. Thanks for the idea!!

Kris said...

Oh yeah... forgot to say that I love the boobie cupcakes too. I'd have to steal that idea as well.

Anonymous said...

I love this!!! Thanks for sharing!