21 October 2006

Women Friends

Last weekend, my teacher-neighbor-friend Amy spirited me away on her annual Wild Women retreat. This was WW4, and I am proud to have participated in WW3 and WW4. Each year, Amy invites 8-10 of her friends to go camping with her at Silver Falls State Park. By camping, we mean staying in roomy cottages with electricity and refrigerators and microwaves. And having fully-functioning bathroom facilities. And having gourmet dinners around the campfire with glasses of wine. Yeah, that's the kind of camping I'm talking about!

Stacey, Amy, Tristan and I got there earlier than every one else on Saturday, and we hiked down in the canyon. It was cool and moist and gorgeous. This year, I remembered to take my camera. Unfortunately, I forgot to recharge the battery though! So I only got a few beautiful autumn pictures.

I was so glad for the opportunity to spend a weekend with women friends. Last weekend was also Taylor U's homecoming and I knew that my three closest friends were getting together without me, so it was good to be distracted by the weekend in the woods. I love hanging out with Amy and her friends, who are now becoming MY friends.

New friends are great, but I miss the comfort of old friends. Old friends don't take much 'splainin'. They know I grew up Conservative Mennonite in northern Indiana and they know what that means. They knew me when I were younger and stupider and funnier. They've known me through several disasterous hair styles. They know what I believe in and what I doubt. They know what a special education teacher is and does--they have all been teachers. They know about the Wise and Bearded One and the Big Dog and the Little Dog. They know what I look like when I'm tired, and they can just tell me to shut up and go to bed. I miss them.

Here are my 3 amazing friends at our 10-year homecoming. I am humbled to have such talented and beautiful women to call my best friends. Shout out to Wen, Sarah, and Julie! You look even better than you did when you were 22!

Love ya,


Ryan L Freed said...

I miss old friends too.


Kris said...

This is really sweet post, Deb. I just had a conversation with some others about friendships this weekend. It'a always fun to make new friends, but there's something really special about those with whom you share that history... especially college days!

Anonymous said...

I also love this post, Deb. There really are levels of friendship and intimacy. I am so glad you are finding close friends out in your new neck of the woods, but I am sure it is VERY hard to be away from those close, close girlfriends from the "old" days. I am sure they missed you - I know I do!! :)

Amy said...

I am finally catching up on your blogs... and this one is really sweet. So glad you are part of my circle of friends.

I am remembering this song from my childhood...
"Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold."