13 November 2006

Finished Product: Covington Bag

Hey, it really only took about 3 hours of dedicated sewing to put the pieces together!

Pros: It looks good and has a good heft to it due to the canvas inner lining throughout. Most of the bag is actually three layers thick. Also, it doesn't really scream "home-made" like some hand-crafted items do. I also like Amy Butler's double drawstring design--the loops hanging on the side are two complete loops of fabric running through the same pocket. You can close the bag quickly by giving both loops a little tug.

Cons: The pattern directions were really wordy. I'm a visual learner so I prefer less talk, more drawings and diagrams. But overall, the directions did make a pretty complicated project come together smoothly. My other con is more a matter of taste. During the school year, I like little bags (wallets with room for a cellphone and a tampon) and big bags (big enough to stick in all the papers you need to grade plus your lunch and your wallet). This bag is medium sized so it may not get much use until next summer.

I think I may have learned enough by sewing this bag to modify the pattern and/or design a bag more to my specifications. I'm trying to decide whether I want to invest time in this right now or if I should turn my energy toward Christmas and try to make a few more gifts this year.


Anonymous said...

That is one cute bag!! Way to go to get the purse all finished - I am very impressed! Perhaps we should say goodbye to Zag Bag and hello to Deb's bag. Do you want to sell some?? I love the fabric!! (Can you tell I really like it?) :)

Deb said...

I'm so glad you like it! Hmm...maybe we can make some sort of deal...If we lived closer, I'd trade you one for a home cooked dinner :)

Ryan L Freed said...

Very nice! Yeah, I'm not a fan of medium size either.