06 November 2006

Retail Therapy: Target

Sometimes a girl's got the blues. And then she goes to Target and the most fabulous red work bag is staring at her begging to be bought. Where else can you buy a red pleather bag by a famous designer for under $50? A bag that has style and practicality? A bag that does not scream "diaper bag" nor "briefcase" yet is still large enough to cart around papers that need to be graded and lunches and the hodgepodge trappings of a teacher's life? Target scores again.

Although my general rule it to try to avoid big-box retailers, I have to admit a fondness for Target. I like that they hire modern designers instead of just ripping off their designs. I like that they don't pretend to be "made in America". I'm sure they have some of the same issues as Walmart and other big retailers but I haven't heard anything yet that has caused me to put the ban on Target that I have on Walmart and K-mart (4 years without Walmart and proud of it....it would be 8 years but I screwed up there in the middle and made a trip or two).

Do you have a favorite large retailer? A favorite place to go when you need some things to pad your nest? Please comment!


Ryan L Freed said...

You got that at Target?!


Anonymous said...

Very cute bag! I love Target!!

Kris said...

Very chic!