29 November 2006

Work in Progress: Cloth Doll

I saw these simple cloth dollies in the Martha Stewart holiday magazine and I thought they looked sweet and simple to make for my little nieces.

As most projects go, they've taken longer than originally projected. Here's the Dolly 1.0. Sewing in her hair took one whole rainy Sunday afternoon of television watching (an afternoon of Ben Stiller movies, no less). If I make a 2nd one like I originally planned, I will take photos along the way and make a tutorial in case anyone else gets a wild hair to make one. The actual body and head were easy to make but the hair instructions from Martha were not very helpful.

This one's almost done except for the feet. I found Abraham gently carrying around one of the feet in his mouth the other day, so now I have to wash the feet before I attach them or just make new ones. I think I might make Abraham a dolly for Christmas (something more durable) since he loves to have a soft stuffed animal to carry around. We used to have a toy box in the basement for when kids came over to visit. I had to put it away in a closet because Abraham thought they were HIS toys.

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Anonymous said...

Well, it may have taken a long time, but the hair is very well done! Martha does not tend to have very good instructions for crafts, in my opinion. I'd love to see a tutorial - perhaps I'd make one for my nieces as well.