26 December 2006

Oh Dear

In switching over to the New Blogger, I fear I may have inadvertantly killed our other blog--Barkdust. So I'll post a bit about Christmas here that would normally go on Barkdust. When/if we get Barkdust straightened out, I'll move it over there.

Christmas this year was quiet and calm. It was just the two of us and our dogs. We got a lot of books and c.d.s so we spent much of the day reading and listening to music. We also cooked a great Christmas breakfast: Egg Casserole with Sausage and Mushrooms, Orange-Cranberry Muffins, and Mimosas. Breakfast was so good that we didn't bother to make lunch, but in the evening Nate cooked up some wild boar that we had found at the Asian-Hispanic Neighborhood Grocery on Flavel. I made some sweet potato french fries and put them under the broiler but then we got distracted talking to the mother-in-law on the phone and....well, the fries were smoking and had to be thrown outside. Oh well....Merry Christmas and may the smoke clear soon.

Inspired by Uglydolls, on Christmas Eve I whipped up two "pets" for my pets. Here is the Two-legged Weiner Dog and the Tailless Scaredy Cat under our tree. Even though I made them with left-over fleece backed by a pretty heavy weight canvas, I expect them to be torn apart within two weeks, plus or minus 5 days.

P.S. A few more photos can be found here.


Sarah said...

I love the uglydolls!!! You could pass some of your creative inspiration this way...I hope that Barkdust wasn't truly deleted forever.

It sounds like a very nice peaceful Christmas. Hope you are enjoying the rest of your break!

Deb said...

We are having such a good relaxing break. I think you could easily make some ugly little monsters for your boys. The more lopsided and comical they are, the better!