23 December 2006

Packages, Part 2

As my friend Sarah posted, getting packages is one of the benefits of living far away from friends and family. I LOVE getting real mail. Most of the packages I have learned not to open and just to stick directly under the tree....since it seems folks don't realize that they need to wrap a gift even though they are packing it up and sending it through the mail.

One gift I did "ruin" for myself and I'm sure glad I did. It was a package from my mother-in-law.
Martha Stewart, eat your heart out, my MIL is the real thing--a woman who can cook and sew and be creative AND hold down a fulltime job. Nobody's there "styling" her kitchen for her every day.

She took my holiday wish list seriously and actually made me a Lisa Congdon-style log cabin pillow like I'd wished for. Not only is the MIL creative, she's also thrifty. While Lisa Congdon probably has to sift through piles of old linens at Goodwill and Salvation Army to find choice fabrics, my MIL only had to walk the few steps down to her basement where she has squirrelled away choice fabrics (ok, well, some of them are downright ugly) from the 70s and 80s. I'm sure there are even scraps left over from the polyester pants she made her boys in the 70s.

Not only did she send us this funky pillow, but also five---count 'em, five!!!--different kinds of brownies and bars include the family-favorite Brownies with the Globs On Top. Thanks, MIL!


Sarah said...

I love the pillow! And how thoughtful that your MIL looked at your list and made you something off of it - she must really like you. :) Please do tell, what globs are on these brownies?

Deb said...

Hmmm...the brownies with the globs on top actually have another name but I don't know what it it is. The cake batter is sort of like a chocolate chip cookie and then there's this layer of chocolate/cream cheese (I think) and then there are globs of the cookie dough-type batter on top. So we always just call them the ones with the globs on top. :)