19 February 2007

Frou-Frou Apron #2

I'm not quite sure what possessed me to make these aprons. It must have been one of those end-of-the-day stops by the Pine Needle on my way home from work--my head in a daze, my hands grabbed this cute apron pattern and a pile of fat quarters for making two aprons.

I bought the fabric with the intention of making Christmas presents. Umm...right. That didn't happen so maybe they'll be gifts for NEXT Christmas. Except that I'm not sure I actually like these aprons. Don't get me wrong, I like aprons. I'm a messy cook by nature, and if I'm in a real cooking mood only an apron stands between me and certain destruction of my clothing. I like good looking, practical aprons. These aprons are not practical. They have ruffles. What was I thinking?!

Anyway. Here they are. They're finished. And yes that is a vintage stove that sits in the corner of our kitchen. We bought it from some people a couple of neighborhoods over. We like vintage stoves because they are made from heavy-duty metal and are supposed to hold their heat better than modern stoves. Plus, they just look cool. It is currently sitting there waiting for the day when we remodel our kitchen and have gas installed into this old house. Until then it serves as Nate's cell phone charging station and a photo prop for me.

Oh, and in the picture I have on my favorite shoes and socks from my favorite shoe store, Imelda & Louie's on Hawthorne Boulevard. The shoes are super comfy and (just for Leslie in case she's reading since we seem to have similar shoe preferences) they are Indigos by Clarks.


Sarah said...

Okay, I love your photo prop (i.e. vintage stove), love the shoes and I have to admit, although the ruffles are very cute, they aren't too practical. However, all of this sewing that you do is very inspiring to me - so keep showing your goods!! And, yes, I posted a comment that never published, I'd be interested in buying one of your purses. I love the fabrics you've used and the truth is I don't enjoy sewing enough to try it at this point in my life!!!

Kris said...

I love those shoes.