13 March 2007

Obsession with Quilts #4

I posted earlier about the little crib quilt that I pieced for my baby sister when I was 8 years old. My mom read the post, and last week an unmarked package arrived in the mail with this inside. (Thanks, Mom!)

Although I probably wouldn't pick mint green and pale pink as my favorite colors today, I do still think the prints are sweet and appropriate for a baby girl. The quilt's held up remarkably well. It is (clears throat) 25 years old and still feels soft and snuggly. Sis, I made it all for you :)

I wonder if other people have "first project" that they can think back to--a first photo taken, a drawing, a cake decorated, a story written. What was the project and how did it turn out?


Cottonista said...

I don't have pictures of my firsts--just horrible memories. Like that supercool jumper I had to make in 8th grade home ec. I still cringe when I see the fabric scraps. But I'm so impressed with your 8-year-old self! Did you actually sew it, or just lay out the pieces? I think it is very sweet. I'm a sucker for nostalgia--except I'm still trying to block out junior high.

Stacey said...

One of my first projects was making baskets with my grandmother. She showed me how to weave the "eye" of the basket, the place where the handle came together with the actual bucket part. I submitted one in the county fair, and won! The next year it was a red velvet cake submission and the following year... a photograph. The only thing that has stuck with me is my love for photography.

Kris said...

I sort of remember that blanket now. I think Mom had me sew my own pajamas at around 8 or 10 and I remember being really proud of them.

Deb said...

Cottonista, I think I actually pieced it on the sewing machine. Maybe not all of it, but I do think I remember learning to make a straight seam.

Stacey, I'd love to hear more about the basket making. That's something I know nothing about.

Kris, mom had me make pajamas and "culottes" too when I was 9 or 10. I hated it at the time, but I'm glad I have those skills now.