05 March 2007


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I can't take credit for this picture...it's from another Flick'r user who lives in Portland. No, I didn't take this picture because it has been so absolutely gorgeous, I haven't taken the time to grab the camera on my way out the door as I dash outside to soak in some sun.

This weekend we pulled weeds and put barkdust down on about a third of the flower beds. We de-pooped and mowed the back lawn. It's starting to look like spring around here. Crocuses are blooming everywhere and today I noticed daffodils that are in sunny, warm spots are blooming.

Everybody and their dog was out for a walk this afternoon. It's that weird first-warm-day weather when no one can decide how to dress. One woman was still in her winter grey woolens with a scarf wrapped around her neck. The next guy was in shorts and sandals.

Oh the giddy impermanence of the first sunny days of spring!

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Sarah said...

Ugh. This is a hard post to read as I look out my window at snow on the ground and negative temperatures with windchill.

Enjoy these beautiful first spring days!!! There's nothing like them after the drab season of winter.