19 October 2007

Summer Painting #1

This summer I painted every Friday in August at the Sellwood Art Academy with the ever-encouraging Kris and Kelly. It's a small storefront that primarily hosts art classes for kids, but on Fridays it's adults only.

I have no delusions that I'm a great artist. I simply like making things and playing with colors and forms. My paintings are starting to look just a little like I imagine they should look in my head. So, here's a little peek at what I did this summer. I played around with my palette and tried to work some collage into the pieces.


JAM said...

This is a great painting! If the KS:08 party happens, I would love to have A&K come along. Do you have any thoughts of driving? What could be more fun than two incontinent dogs bossing around a big dog who thinks he's small and a small dog who thinks she's big?

Kris said...

I like how you worked in the collage stuff on this one. This reminds me of a great piece of folk art.

Deb said...

ah...driving to kansas?! with two hyperactive dogs in the back seat!? The thought makes me want to curl up the fetal position and suck my thumb. But they would have a BLAST with you dogs, JAM. Let us know if you get the farm for sure and we'll consider it.

Cottonista said...

Hey! cool stuff. I really like this one. How did you get your collage stuff to stick on?