21 January 2008

Modern Hostess Apron

This French-inspired apron was a Christmas/Birthday present for my friend, Amy, who is an incredible hostess. Several times a year she throws a dinner party, princess pancake party, cocktail party or some such frivolity. She's an amazing cook and her house is always decked out to the nines. I thought she needed an apron with a cell-phone pocket so deadbeats like me can call and say they're running late to the party.

Of course, I was finishing up this apron AND running late to the party. My long-suffering husband allowed me to tie it around his waist and snap a quick photo before I dashed out the door. Pardon the poor photo quality. The apron's really darling in real life (and the wise and bearded one's kinda cute too).

Vintage Apron Pattern from Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol; the fun street scene fabric is City Limits from Blank Quilting that I bought at Bolt.


Kris said...

Very cute, Nate.

Holli said...

Hello Deb:

You don't know me...my friend Heather (http://living-senses.blogspot.com) introduced me to her friend Sarah's blog (http://www.lifeofadomesticgoddess.blogspot.com), and I found your blog on Sarah's.

Long story short - I love your blog, your creativity and all your amazing projects. I've been checking in for a few months now and finally decided it was time to comment and let you know I'm poking around. This apron is beautiful! I Love the fabric (and smiled at your model).

Thanks for blogging,

PS I also love Portland, OR :)

Deb said...

Hi Holli and Sis,

Nate's a little peeved that I posted this picture on the internets without warning him first :) What did he think I was taking the picture for anyways?!

Nice to meet you Holli. Welcome and I'll be checking out your blog too.


Amy said...

It looks pretty cute on Nate...
but I think it looks cuter on me. ;)

Thanks so much, friend - I LOOUURRVE it! (and it matches the color I'm going to paint the kitchen -- woot!) Makes me want to throw another party just so I can wear it.