30 July 2008

Paige's Project

Paige's Project
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Yesterday, my friend Krys's daughter Paige came to sew with me for the afternoon. Yes, she is a 9 year old who wants to sew, and she likes to draw and paint and she loves my dogs and chickens so basically she's my favorite kid in Portland.

I had picked an easy little project but Paige wanted to make something for her mom's birthday so we settled on the apron in Bend the Rules Sewing. Paige picked out the fabric at Jo-Anns--with a little guidance (as in, I persuaded her that the sparkly pink fabric wasn't the best choice). We had enough fabric to make two aprons so I cut a smaller one for Paige and I used it to model the steps for Paige to sew on her mom's apron..

She did great! She only lost steam toward the end of the project after about two hours of work which I think is pretty good for a 9 year old. And the aprons turned out cute!

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