18 September 2008

On my mind

I think a lot about politics. I care passionately about the current political situation. I refuse to blog about politics. Why? Because I'd like to keep my family and friends regardless of their political persuasion and my feelings about the current candidates are much too raw and emotional to make for good dialogue. Plus, following the partisan sparring and personal attacks that these last few weeks of a campaign fall into makes me slightly nauseated.

So instead I will set my mind to other things:
--Remodeling our kitchen
--Advent Conspiracy (see blog entry below)
--Natural, non-toxic cleaning and personal care products
--Baby products that are organic/sustainable, beautiful and functional

Such mundane and domestic subjects, I know. My 18-year-old-feminist self is frustrated by this turn of events. But my 35-year-old-woman self says, "Suck it up, 18-year-old-feminist self. This is who I am right now. This is who I've turned into for this chapter of my life. I choose to change my small corner of the universe right now. There will be time in other chapters of my life to fight other battles: battles for justice, battles against poverty and environmental destruction. Right now I will fight for justice for the teachers and students in my schools, I will be generous to myself and the ones I love, and I will care for my own home environment, small as it's impact may be."

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