13 October 2008

Made: Simple Kimono Wrap

I bookmarked Habitual's tutorial quite a while ago and just the other week I made three of them. I was going for gender neutral intending to use at least one of them for a baby gift. Nate says they are "girly" though. Doggone them flowers!

It was an easy project and I think the results look great. I'm going to have to find a real live baby to test-drive the kimono and see if it works beyond the cuteness factor. Otherwise, I recommend this as a quick and easy (and free!) baby pattern.

P.S. Turns out it's a good idea that it's girly.


Mary said...

You know, I'd made some kimonos back (ahem..) many years ago before I had my first baby,your BIL. Seems I used some puckery cotton prints. Very cute, Deb!

Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed the pattern! This fabric combo is adorable, I love it!

heather said...

VERY CUTE!!! Can you make one in that cute girly print for a 2 year old??? I'm serious.

heather said...

Can you make it with long sleeves??



Assuming you will agree to make one for Suzy.

Deb said...

I can probably make one. I'll have to guess at the long sleeves....talk to me over on Facebook and we'll work out a deal.

The Tulip Lady said...

Really cute stuff...almost makes me want to have another baby...almost =) I think two is enough for me =)