28 November 2008

Give Away: Stitch

It seems like all the crafty blogs are having a give-away. I'm not deluding myself that I have hundreds of readers like the great craft blogs that are out there, but I do love giving things away to people who appreciate them.

The other day I was at Fabric Depot (the store that always makes me sick, but that's different post) and I saw the new Quilting Arts Stitch magazine that I've been hearing about. So, impulsively I added it to my pile of purchases. I do so love a new magazine full of eye candy.

I took it home and I enjoyed it for a day. It has great ideas for easy-to-sew projects in it. Some of my favorite crafty bloggers are featured in it. There's an article on Alabama Chanin. What's not to love!? And then I thought about the whole to-do list of fun projects I already have in my head and realized it would be a very long time before I would ever open this magazine again. Someone else needs this magazine more than me.

Is that person you? If you'd like to be entered into a random drawing to win Stitch, write a comment below. If you have friends that might be interested, spread the word. On Sunday, I'll pick a winner!


Stephanie Breuner said...

how funny. I just looked at that magazine two days ago but put it back on the rack because I had already checked out. I'd been thinking about going back and getting it. Maybe I will win your drawing instead!

Nicki said...

With two little ones I never buy magazines, I always have to look away...if I win I would find the time to read Stitch

SandyQuilts said...

Gosh I haven't seen that magazine ... I'll have to check it out.

You might be interested in joining next week for one huge giveaway coordinated by

Anonymous said...

I'm interested, Deb - looks like a fun magazine with inspiring ideas!

Yes, it's your long-lost Waluga friend who is eager to see you. Congrats on baby Miller!! :-) Now I just need to find your phone number - I'm in the phone book if you can't find mine.


Amy said...

I would love to win! I got my sewing machine out the other night to make a baby wrap out of an old bedsheet and thought "I need to do more of this (sewing)"! So I need maybe it would give me some inspiration.

socmama said...
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Lisa said...

I've never looked at Stitch, but I think I'd like it. Maybe this one's calling my name. . . Thanks Deb, this is a fun idea!

Liane said...

I'd love to be put in this drawing! That looks like a really inspiring magazine.