16 December 2008

Snow Day Project: Gift Wrapping

I am so grateful for 2 (about to be 3) snow days in a row. I started out my Christmas crafting and shopping relatively early this year but I forgot to factor in the pregnancy. I've been really feeling it and my energy for making things, other than a baby, has been dramatically reduced. I already axed a few projects and I thought I was going to have to ax a few more but these snow/ice days are saving me.

While I can't post much in the way of pictures without ruining Christmas presents, I thought I'd link to a couple of useful tips for another "wrappers" out there.

--Here's my wrapping and shipping tips from a couple of years ago. I still stand by all of it--especially if you're giving gifts to friends far away.
--I love finding unique (free!) gift tags on the internets and printing them out. I especially love these happy little faces from The Small Object and these critters from Camilla Engman.
--Environmentally-friendly gift wrap alternatives.
--Some year I will use furoshiki, the Japanese method of wrapping gifts in fabric. In fact, I think a whole stack of reuseable fabric gift wraps/bags would be a wonderful gift to get or give. Hmmm...maybe next year.


Cottonista said...

I transport a lot of gifts cross-country too, and I never stick bows on them, because they're bound to fall off somewhere around the Tennessee/Alabama line. I also have packed the gift and a gift bag, and put it together at our destination.

By the way, I finally tried freezer paper stenciling. It was so much fun!!!!! And so much better than the only fabric paint I've ever messed with before--the dorky puffy paint that you sign camp t-shirts with. I'm looking around for more shirts to stencil.

Deb said...

Watch that freezer paper stenciling. It is seriously addictive stuff :)