09 February 2009

Links for the Week

My apologies for so little posting on this blog lately. I haven't had a lot of energy to be creative (other than makin' a baby).

But here are some links that I don't want to lose:
--Sewing and Crafting Tutorial Links from The Long Thread This might be a good place for my sister who just got a sewing machine to find some not-too-difficult projects.
--The design blogs have been mourning the demise of Domino Magazine, but the Deco File website is still up for a little longer for those of us who need design inspiration.
--The Black Apple has adorable free printable Valentines for the ones you love. I encourage you to send at least one Valentine to someone who otherwise wouldn't get one (i.e. your single friend, your grandma, the elderly neighbor).
--Two recipes that sound good to me: Savory Roasted Kale and Fabulous Homemade Bread that my kindred spirit, Amy, is all excited about.

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