26 April 2009

Made: The Aunts' Granola

Aunt Susannah and Aunt Kathy have been perfecting this granola recipe for a while. I LOVE granola and so I decided to make a batch too. It's yummy, and my temptation is to eat it by the handfuls. I probably need to make it a little less yummy (less sugar and oil, perhaps?) so that it lasts a little longer.

In the interest of full disclosure and my health and the health of the Sprout, you should know that under the granola in this dish is some high-fiber, extra-good-for-you, sticks-and-twigs kind of cereal. With pear, the orange juice and my daily vitamins, it is all part of a nutritious breakfast. Much better than the days when I swig a coffee and down a scone between baby crying sessions. I heard somewhere that people who photograph everything they eat, eat healthier and lose weight. Maybe I should try that....


Mary said...

I made it too, earlier this week. Yummm. Then I made yogurt in my $1 garage sale yogurt maker. Mmm... That'll be some good break food this week. (I sweetened the yugurt with a little br.gugar and vanilla)

Brenda said...

Hi Deb,

I ran across your blog while looking at comments from Exploring Holland. Both of my kids are Taylor grads and knew Shannon and Matt. I am glad to look through your recipes--although I am not much of a cook, I do like to open our home to people for meals. I couldn't help but notice that you are Bee's Nest as that is the name of my blog as well. Blessings,

Kathy Beachy said...

I tried using half the Oil last week and did not like the results at all. At lot of recipes say not to use Olive oil but I have used the light and couldn't tell a difference.

I also use Honey or Maple Syrup most of the time. It's fun to experiment.

Yours looks good.