05 May 2009

Made: Lazy Days Skirts

I have some fabric that has been sitting on my work table for almost a year now. Some fat quarters of "girly" fabrics that I meant to make into some summery clothes for my nieces LAST spring and then I got pregnant and tired and unmotivated. So..... I need to clean my work table and rather than fold the fabric neatly and reshelve it, I made some skirts for the girls.

This is the free Lazy Days skirt pattern from Liesl at Oliver + S. It is super easy with the ribbon doing all the hem work at the bottom of the skirt. I think each skirt took about 30 minutes total. I do most of my creative work between 9:00 and 11:00 at night and baby is sleeping those hours these days so I'm managing to wedge in a few projects between loads of laundry, dishes, catching up on email and facebook, etc.


Felicia said...

They turned out adorable :)

Cottonista said...

How cute! Your nieces will be so stylish. I especially like the floral print.

I'm glad you're finding time to create things! I think it is a vital factor in maintaining one's sanity.

heather jane said...

I've been promising my two little girls that I would get some skirts made for them. I love this pattern for the hem feature and had forgotten all about it...thank you for the reminder! As usual your skirt fabric choices are lovely.

heather said...

Very cute!! Can I get one in a size 3 for Suzanna??