12 May 2009

Refashioned: Wee Shoes

This pair of fugly pink leather shoes was part of a giant box of hand-me-downs that came my way for the Sprout. Pink I'm not so fond of. Pale pink ribbon roses that are shredding I'm even less fond of. So I thought a little refashioning was in order.

Darling black and white yo-yos, plus a red felt flower help the pink become less offensive. Now I'm in love with these little shoes and I think I'm going to have to make a wee dress to go with them so the Sproutie can show them off. One small problem: it's hard to predict what size the Sprout will be when she can wear these shoes. Her feet are long and narrow so I'd better get hopping on an outfit before her feet get too long to wear the shoes.


heather jane said...

Leave it to you to turn fugly to fabulous!

Predicting shoe sizes can be a challenge...usually they don't stay on anyway!

Joy said...

Oh, I love the refashioned shoes so much better. You should go into baby shoe design. I think your have a knack.


heather said...

A M A Z I N G...how do you do it?? I would have just thrown them out. I love the hip new take the shoes took on when you added red to the pink. Very cool Deb.