22 July 2009

Links for the Week

--Bolt, one of my favorite fabric shops in Portland, has started a blog. Yay!
--Some very artistic Portland women are hosting a Summer Social sale this Saturday. The website shows the different artist-crafters and their projects. I'm especially inspired by the screen-printed linen by Elizabeth Bentz. Beautiful!
--This weekend is also the Grand Opening of the Urban Farm Store....the store created to meet all your urban farming needs---chicks, bees, pet food, edible landscaping, canning supplies, etc. If you live in Portland you should SO check it out!


--July marks five years since the Wise and Bearded One and I hauled all of our stuff across the country to our new lives in Oregon. You can take a trip down memory lane with us over on Barkdust.


Pictured above are some of the sweet hand-printed onesies that the Sprout received from our dear friend, Amy. There's an owl, a sprout, and an ear of corn (an ode to Indiana and our claim that "there's more than corn in Indiana"). I just had to show them off here.

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heather jane said...

Man she is getting cute, Deb. What a serious little sweetie! I just had a little peruse over at Barkdust and couldn't believe how much she has grown. How life has changed in the last five years, eh?!