21 November 2009

Forties Fashion

I love clothes. I don't think I'm a particularly good dresser but that's a reflection of the amount of time and money I have to put into fashion (not much, not much at all). Along with my Project Runway daydreams and my adventures in patternmaking, I've been inspired lately by the fashions of the 1940s. I think this started with seeing Julie and Julia on the big screen---big, brassy Julia Child with impeccibly dressed Parisians in the 30s and 40s.

Then I saw a whole spread in Lucky magazine of 40's style. I've loved menswear-inspired trousers--one of my wardrobe staples for work. But I've recently taken a liking to the fiercely-tailored jackets, pencil skirts, sweater sets, and saucy heels that are inspired by the forties.

And then, the Wise and Bearded One were invited to a party with a 1940s theme and a request for the guests to wear "flirty forties" apparel. Fuel for my obsession. Here's a page from my "inspiration journal"---basically a sloppy notebook where I jot down ideas and tape, glue or staple all sorts of random things that I like.

Like many of my interests and obsessions, I have no idea where this one will lead, but I thought you might like having a peek at it.


Random, but somewhat related:

--Here are some Scandinavian paper dolls that I think are just forties fabulous!
--Polyvore is a site that I could waste hours upon. Sort like an adult version of paper dolls. You get to put together fabulous outfits for absolutely free.
--Archival Clothing is a blog I recently happened upon that celebrates classic clothing styles, timeless designs and handcrafted perfection.
--Harvey Faircloth makes "standup modern classics". I would like to have one of everything they make, please.


Jessica said...

Yesterday I was thrifting with a friend and kept seeing 40's clothing and mentioning "I should make a pattern out of that"--we are exactly on the same wavelength!

picknstitch said...

I love the 40's as well. My mom was a young college student, then a teacher, then a young wife during the 40's. When I was really young she still had some of her clothes from that time stored in the back of her closet. I loved sorting through them. What I marveled at was the crisp perfection of her woolen suits. They were completely handmade (no sewing machine in the boarding house where she lived) and I adored them. I wish they were still around now...