18 November 2009

Tutorial: Felt Cuppa Joe Pins


Comment on this post and you could win one of three kits with all you need to make 2 Cuppa Joe Pins this Christmas season. Just write a comment about your favorite warm winter beverage! I'll pick three random comments on Sunday. That is, if there ARE more than three comments! Is anyone out there? Anyone? (Bueller?)

I'll post the directions for the "losers" in the vain belief that there are more than three readers out there who might want to make some pins themselves.



-a pen, sharp scissors, a needle

-scraps of red (or blue), brown, and white felt and embroidery floss

-pattern (I hand drew mine so I don't have a "digital" version. You can try printing the photo or you can draw your own if you'd like. It's about 2 inches across at its widest point.)

-pin backs (you can buy these in the jewelry section at your JoAnn's, Michael's or other craft stores)


1. Cut out the pattern pieces.

2. With a pen, trace the mug pattern on to the red (or blue) felt and cut two. Carefully cut out hole in the mug handle.

3. Trace the coffee pattern on to the brown felt and cut one.You may also chose to cut marshmallow shapes from the white felt.

4. Carefully split the embroidery floss in half. It is much easier to sew with 3 strands than with 6.

5. Sew the coffee shape to the front of one mug shape. Embellish the front with any additional stitching or felt marshmallows.

6. Sew the pin back to the back of the second mug shape.

7. Stack the front mug on top of the back mug. Stitch around the edges through both pieces of felt. Be careful to tuck all knots and thread ends between the two pieces of felt.

8. Give it away.

***Relational Giving Ideas:

Give a pin to a friend with an invitation to meet up at her favorite coffee shop for a long conversation.

Know a busy mom?
Give her a pin with a gift certificate to her favorite coffee shop and an offer to babysit so she can take a mini-vacation.

P.S. Please excuse the crappy quality of these pictures. The dark winter evenings are the bain of my existence here in Portland, Oregon. I hate "flashy" photos so I just set the camera settings to compensate for the low light as best as possible. Someday I'll have one of those fancy flashes that I can point up at the ceiling to get some nice diffuse lighting. Someday.


Cottonista said...

I love your ideas! They are so cute and easy to do. And you posted just in time for me to present them at my next MOPS meeting for the "DIY Christmas gift ideas" segment. ( : THANKS!!

Holli said...

Super Cute, Deb! Enter me in your giveaway. My favorite warm weather drink: spiced vanilla chai tea! YUM!!

Amy Y said...

These are so cute! Our church has a coffee shop http://www.rohsstreetcafe.com/ and I love a good coffee from there because I know who grew it.

heather jane said...

Ooooh. I'm number 4...this means we have a CONTEST!! This would make a darling teacher gift with a coffee card and a cozie! And you know how much I love felt. It's just so easy.

I really love a pumpkin spice steamed milk.

Kris said...

What a cute teacher gift!!!

I always love a good chai but I was pretty pleased with my peppermint mocha from Starbucks today. Forgot how tasty those things were!! I will have to be treating myself to a few more this season.

Anonymous said...

cute idea! I tend to go with plain ol coffee with french vanilla creamer....Karen B

Cottonista said...

Oops, forgot to say my favorite hot drink! Black coffee from freshly roasted beans, preferably Central American with a dark roast--Roaster's Gallery here in Atmore!

Christine said...

This is such a cute idea, Deb - especially with the relational aspect of it!

Have been trying to cut down on the costs of coffee 'out' and my beverage du jour has been mixing up a nice Chai at home using Tazo's liquid chai. Then frothing it for a yummy crema.