04 December 2009

Links for the Week

Here are some links around the internets that are making me happy:
--This white room with wood stacked in the fireplace from Design Kamp
--For Portland peeps, check out Reviva! a new consignment shop for home goods owned by my friend Andree
--I love the HidingHood in Slightly Shy from plainMADE
--The Winter '09 edition of Small magazine just came out, for the well-styled child
--If you're on a felt hair clip jag like I am, check out all the cute ones Giddy-Giddy makes!
--These white clay pine cones at Design Sponge
--And to end on a high note, this is the absolute best essay on puke that I have ever read. "You never knew love would smell this bad."

And here are some "silk" flower pins that I made after seeing a demonstration of this at the Advent Conspiracy DIY fair the other week. You cut out freehand circles in various sizes from polyester fabrics and then you get to burn, yes, BURN, the edges all the way around. You can use a lighter or a candle. And it is so addictively fun for the pyro in me! They're not really my style, but I had a blast making them.


Jessica said...

Those pins are beautiful!!!!

Joy said...

The pins are great. Who knew how pretty burning the edges would make them. I guess it helps to keep them from fraying too.
Very Cool!


Holli said...

Thanks for all the links, Deb. And yes, the flower pins *are* gorgeous!

Andrea + Mike said...

ooh! I love the flower pins! I am going to have to try to make those too! How fun!!!