29 December 2009

Post-Christmas Post #3: Doug Fir Calendar

I was honored to have the Wise and Bearded One join in on the Christmas crafting this year. This is his version of A Little Hut's calendar. The calendar is a printable PDF that we purchased and downloaded. The original version has fabric or patterned paper behind the cut-outs, but my husband is obsessed with wood. So he sliced very thin pieces from some scrap fir wood that he had. The calendars turned out looking great (although our Exacto-fingers hurt afterward) plus they smelled great too!


kate so said...

Wow! These turned out amazing. I love the touch of wood. Your dishtowels turned out great too. Screen-printing is so intimidating. Was it hard?

I'm enjoying A Year of Mornings. I think I will dive into it while enjoying my coffee each day...make it my little morning ritual. Do you have a digital SLR?

Mary A. Miller said...

Wow! I loved Dave's calendar, but didn't look at it closely enough to realize it was actually a wood slice! (shame on me!) So impressed!

tabitha jane said...

so cool!!! i love this!