12 April 2010

Playing With: Hipstamatic


Here's my latest toy: the Hipstamatic App for the Iphone. This quirky little application lets me take "vintage" digital photos using old "lenses" and "film" and "flash". These photos were taken on a short hike in the Columbia Gorge on Sunday afternoon. I had along my good camera and I was attempting to take some Really Good Photos, but I couldn't resist whipping out the Iphone and playing with it too.

I took these photos using the John S. lens and the Kodot film.

Quick and dirt photography effects. How fun!

Thanks to Dooce for the inspiration.


Mary A. Miller said...

I wondered how you'd done that! I LOVE the second one!! (of course!)

tabitha jane said...

so cool!

Lisa said...

These are so great! Almost makes me want to trade my Nikon in on a iphone (almost).