11 May 2010

Made: Spring Pinafore

This full-time working mama thing is sort of kicking my tail these days. Six weeks until the end of the school year means six frantic weeks of IEP meetings and touring parents around different programs and dealing with issues that have simmered all year and are now coming to a boil. It is busy.

And the Sprout. The Sprout is clingy these days and needing her mama. That keeps me busy too. Somedays I feel overwhelmed and think I need more STAFF around here. Then I am reminded and flooded with gratitude for my husband who takes on cooking and dishes on a regular basis around here and my fabulous sitter who takes care of the Sprout as if she is her own. I am blessed in the midst of this busy-ness.

I do want to blog a bit to remind myself that I have been carving out moments to be creative and to MAKE. This is a picture of a little pinafore I made the Sprout right before her first birthday party. I love that Alexander Henry fabric. It makes me smile. I made my own pattern by tracing off another little jumper she had. I am inordinately proud that I now feel confident enough in my own pattern-making and sewing abilities to tackle these absolutely-simplest-ever types of children's clothes. Perhaps more complex projects are in store?! Six weeks from now?!


heather jane said...

Super cute. And good luck getting through the end of the year. May is kicking my butt as well. Of course everything always happens at once, right?!

Hang in there!!!

Lise said...

It's beautiful!!

This is a crazy busy time for me right now, too, and I hate feeling like I'm galloping through spring, when I most want to be enjoying each day.

Hang in there!

Luisa said...

Sounds crazy I know what you mean I'm going through "Forgot to Blog Week"
That fabric is beutiful. Alexander Henry makes me want to smile :)
I also love the quilt.

Stretch Mark Mama said...

Oh, she's the cutest thing ever!

beemer said...

This is still my favorite photo of Sylvie! -Grampa

Andrea + Mike said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! I love that fabric! I love that little pinafore!!! Where did you find that fabric? Would it be weird if I made a skirt of that fabric for myself? :) Keep up the superwoman-like-mom-ness!

Anonymous said...

what a great jumper! and she looks so sweet wearing it too.