29 May 2010

Stylish Little Girls

I don't want this to become a mama-blog. There are lots of blogs out there doing that with more style than I'll ever be able to manage. But once in a while a kid-focused post just keeps sneaking through.

I have been seeing so much great kids clothing out on the internets and I've been collecting links.

Here are a few of my favorites:
--Bonpoint outfits, via Black Eiffel, oh-la-la
--Maan kids, poppy colors
--Neige, simple shapes and colors
--Noro, also via Black Eiffel, polka dots, stripes and checks, I'm in love

Since my clothing philosophy does not include spending top dollar on imported European clothing for my daughter to wear for six months or less, I'm not likely to order from any of these shops.

But I am inspired by Elsie Marley's Amazing Kid's Clothes Week to think that I could sew some stylish little girl clothes for the Sprout this summer.

(Oh, summer, come soon, please, please, please!)


cara. said...

oh my. i've been collecting wardrobe inspiration and i would have to put this in my folder over mae's. can i dress like this?

thanks for the links! hope your sprout is feeling better.


figgys said...

I completely thought these were "grown up" clothes. I love all of them. If only I had a girl!!