11 March 2011

The Sprout Turns 2!! Part 3


Party day! The Wise and Bearded One kept the adults well supplied with coffee and tea while the Littles bounced from station to station. There was the Play Dough Table, the Coloring/Sticker Wall and the Oh-It's-So-Much-Fun-To-Play-With-Another-Kid's-Toys Area. I thought the Little Ones did a surprisingly good job entertaining themselves and each other. Of course there were some parents helping guide the process.


After about 30 minutes of play, we sang some of the Sprout's favorite songs. Of course, she did take that moment to play shy and refused to sing along even to the Itsy-Bitsy Spider which is a longtime fave. Then we sang "Happy Birthday" and had toddler snacks and cupcakes. It was a lovely little party and just the right length for Miss Sprout to have some fun with no major meltdowns (in other words, it was SHORT).

Happy Birthday, Little Girl!



Anonymous said...

What a great job you did with this party! I totally love the theme and everything is so adorable. I think the play stations were a genius idea and I'm totally stealing the play dough idea as a party favor. We've made this same recipe many times before and it's the best dough ever.

Good work, Mama!! All the stress paid off. And that coloring wall....ahhhh.

Brown Paper & String said...

Awwww bless. Happy birthday Sprout. 2 is a great age. My little sprout is 2.5. Time flies!

Amy said...

Very Adorable- good job Mom!

Grandpa & Grandma Shirk said...

We loved the red boots sitting in the middle of the table as a centerpiece and the cupcakes in the red wagon.

Marika said...

What a beautiful party! Great ideas and I love the invitations (of course, I am an elementary school teacher)!