17 April 2011

Sunday Photos: French Dinner


I love little rituals and routines that punctuate our days. One of my favorites is what we ambitiously call "French Dinner". This happens most Sunday nights at our house. It involves a crusty baguette (preferable from Little T), assorted cheeses, fruit and meat (a great salami or some proscuitto). The Housemate is the originator of this ritual. Often a friend or two is also at the table. Basically it is French Dinner because when we were in France we would go to the grocery store and buy just such a spread and have a picnic.

Sometimes we dress up the table with a tablecloth and nice dishes. Once we even tried to eat by candlelight. With two toddlers that lasted for exactly 56 seconds before we had to turn the lights back on.

I love this way to end one week and start the next with some of my favorite people in the world.

What rituals and routines mark your days? What moments do you treasure each week? Please share.


Emily Flippin Maruna said...

We have pizza and movie night every Friday night. Most Fridays we make our own pizza and then we watch a movie all together. We often invite another family or two over. Its fun and a nice way to end the school week.

emily* said...

We've tried a few different routines, some stick and others don't. Thursday nights have become Theater Thursday, with a movie and popcorn before bed. And Sundays are always crockpot night (so usually somthing soup-ish) and we tend to often have an array of people popping in to enjoy with us after church!

French night sounds fabulous!