13 May 2011

Inspiring: Renee Hartig

I posted this earlier this week, but apparently when Blogger had it's giant "hiccup" this week the post was deleted. So here it comes again. Apologies to anyone who's reading this a second time in their reader.


We managed to make it to the Super Colossal Crafty Wonderland sale on Saturday at the Lloyd Center. We didn't get there until near the end of the day and the Sprout is clearly NOT a fan of overwhelmingly large venues. She immediately started saying "Go 'ome!" So I didn't get to linger and soak in all the creativity the way I prefer. Instead it was a lightning quick trot through the aisles saying hi to a few of our artist friends.

But Renee Lynn Hartig's paintings brought us to a halt. All three of us. The Wise and Bearded One liked the strong lines and colors. The Sprout liked the choo choo trains and the puppy dogs. And I love the Burnt Sienna base painting that peeks through these landscapes. They somehow cross that representational/abstract divide for me. We bought a pair of abstracted landscape oils on paper that I can't wait to frame and hang in our house.

Perhaps Renee's work appeals to us because, like us, she has strong midwestern roots--completing most of her education in Michigan before moving to the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps it's that she explores the intersection of man-made vs. nature that I am continually drawn to. Perhaps its the way her brushstrokes remind me of some Impressionist...I'm not sure who...Cezanne perhaps? Art History, why did I not take you more seriously when I was in college!?

Regardless, beautiful inspiring images abound on Renee's blog here. I can see some serious quilt inspiration in the colors. Stop by her blog and say hi (and tell her that I sent you).

All images used with permission from the artist.


Cottonista said...

I really like those. I'm glad they intrigued your daughter enough for you to stop and enjoy!

Ingrid said...

Thank-you for the kind words about my daughter, Renee's, work. She has always harbored a creative spirit and never ceases to amaze her family with her talent.