27 May 2011

A Little Breathing Space

It might be a little quiet here on my blog for a couple of weeks. I work for the director of special education in a nearby school district and the last few weeks of school are chock full of IEP meetings, wrapping up items from this year, and trying to plan ahead for the fall. I don't even realize how busy I am until about 8:00 in the evening when the Sprout is in bed, and I have time to make something or blog about making something. That's when I realize that I am absolutely exhausted.

It's a good time to take a deep breath and remember some of my favorite bits of nature found in the Columbia River Gorge:
--water falling (duh)
--basalt rock columns
--trees covered in fuzzy mosses
--maidenhair ferns with their purple-black spines
--the thousands of shades of misty, mossy greens

I love this place!



wendy said...

ahh, thanks for the deep breath! Those are some GORGEous photos! I love that fern that looks like an Oscar-night necklace. Beautiful color.

Bryce said...

on that fern photo, or any of htese for that matter, where was the mode dial set? (if you can pardon me for asking)

Aunt Sue said...

Yes, lovely and GORGEous! We drove through there quite a number of yrs ago, and the Redwoods and the Columbia River Gorge are still my favorites. Makes me jealous you have such easy access to them. = )

Rebecca said...

Wow! Beautiful photos... I love the photos of the moss on the trees. I hope to visit Oregon someday..

(I sent you an email about wanting to use a photo of your chicken coop!)