22 August 2011

Light, Bright Living Room, Part 1

Waaaayyyy back in October, I posted about wanting to re-work our living room. I said, "Our living room is a long, bowling-alley of a space. It's been a design challenge since we first moved in. Most of the time we have furniture clustered in one end and the other end is basically unused. In the six years we've lived here the space has evolved, but it is still lacking in some specific needs: lighting, toy storage, landing strip/coat hanging, and seating." Over the winter, we added some toy storage and coat hanging, but we didn't get any further. Nearly one year later, we still have most of these needs.

In the Great Grey that is Portland winter/spring/early summer I especially yearned for greater lighting and brightness in this space. I collected even more inspiration images, because I want to do it right this time (version 2.0). It soon became clear that white walls were a requirement for the the clean Scandinavian-influenced style that I'm drawn too.

The nice thing about being really, really slow to make changes around here, is that by the time I get to them, I am really, really sure about what I want to do. And what I wanted to do was paint our gold living room walls back to white. I mean "wanted", as in "I don't really want to go through all the torture of prepping and painting, but I'm too cheap to pay someone else for what I can do on my own."

And so, the other week my painting project commenced. Come back tomorrow for "before" and "during" pictures.

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Brenda said...

We just built a new home. I like white cabinets and a light airy look but was so insecure about my decision. But I must say that I do LOVE the look. It is so clean and bright. I think you will love your white walls.