14 October 2011

Bloggity Backlog: Labor Day Weekend

I seem to have an extensive backlog of blogs written in my head.  Unfortunately, the wireless device connecting my brain to Blogger has yet to be invented.  And blogging from the iPad still seems wrought with problems.   So it's likely the extended version of these posts will never be written. Instead, we'll just hit the highlights.

One of September's highlights:  a long weekend at Manzanita with some of our favorite people in the world, Uncle Wil and Aunt Kathy.

IMG_1498 IMG_1505 IMG_1520_edited-1 IMG_1526_edited-1

We love the moody weather of the Oregon coast--both the bright sunshiny days and the grey, foggy days. We love tide pools and sand castles and our favorite bookstores and coffee shops in Manzanita. We love renting a house far nicer (and cleaner!) than our own. We love the crabcakes and fish tacos that the Wise and Bearded One makes with fresh dungeness crab and halibut. We love living less than two hours from the ocean.


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