02 October 2011

Hello October!


Hello there!

It's been cool and overcast this week and really feeling like fall.  Today the house has a pleasant earthy-sweet smell---the smell of the forest and the chanterelle mushrooms that the Wise and Bearded One collected on his tramp through the woods this weekend.  A solitary hike in the woods is a way my introverted husband feeds his soul.  Some chanterelles to feed our bellies are just an added bonus.


While he was on the mountain, the Sprout and I took a quick trip to the Oregon Zoo.  We have a zoo membership, but we forget about it most of the time.  The Sprout likes the Pacific Northwest area (brown bears, mountain goats, salmon streams, frogs and snakes) and the Farm animals.  But apparently what made the greatest impression on her was the bottle of apple juice I let her drink at lunch.  At least that's what she told her papa about when he got home.

I've missed blogging this last computer-less month.  I've got a ton of pictures that I just uploaded to Flickr so I hope to catch up on a few posts this week.

Happy fall!



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Kathy Beachy said...

Yum!! I'm glad he got to go. Looks like some good eating. It's nice to have a picture in my head where the Zoo is that you went to and the beautiful woods, Nate may have hiked in:)