06 December 2011

Christmas Manifesto, Take Two

Last week was intensely busy at work for both the Wise and Bearded One and myself.  Then, over the weekend there was a Christmas party to go to and a some friends in town that necessitated giving our house a good scrub down so we could have them over for dinner.  And we got a Christmas tree.  And we did some yard work. Suffice it to say, it's been busy.  And all the while the to-do list in my head for Christmas won't shut up.  

I sat myself down and reminded myself of my Christmas Manifesto from last season.  And I said, "self, take a chill pill."  I'm hoping it's working.

My Christmas Manifesto:

This Advent Season...

I will sit down for a cup of cocoa with a friend.

I will delight in time with my husband and daughter.

I will make cookies with my girlfriends.

I will sew and make and create, as I have the time.

I will give handmade gifts when I can, and when I can't I will not beat myself up for giving a store-bought gift or a gift card instead.

I will not let the to-do list in my head get out of hand.

I will take my dogs for long walks.

I will not waste time at the mall buying deals that I do not need.

I will find a way to give of myself to someone in need.

I will dwell in the divine mystery--that God wants to be with us, is with us, Emmanuel, the God-Man. I will tune out the doubts and just enjoy the Story.

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