29 February 2012

Made: Faux Fur Vest (Fail)

It's no secret that I'm in love with Figgy's Patterns.  When I ordered my Sunki dress pattern before Christmas break, Shelly was kind enough to throw in a freebie--this lovely Lux vest pattern. It's normally $8 on her website to download as a PDF.  

I loved the faux fur vest trend this winter, and I promptly went to Joann's and bought some cheap Minky-type fur to make a "practice" vest.  The Figgy's pattern is super easy and has some clever construction tricks that make it go very quickly.  If I didn't have to vacuum up faux fur bits several times during the process, this could easily have been a one-hour project.

I made two of these little "practice" vests (gave one to the Little Housemate) and fully intended to go to Fabric Depot and buy fancy faux fur like the sample vest in the picture at the top of this post.  However, my darling two-almost-three year old had other ideas.

She simply refuses to wear it.  She'll touch it.  She says, "oh that's nice and fuzzy." But when I try to put it on her, her face goes flat, her stubborn lower lip pops out and there is no cajoling her into wearing it.  For two whole months I have had it hanging in her room with intermittent attempts to persuade her to wear it.  For two whole months she has flatly refused.

And so I'm forced to rank this as a "fail".  Through no fault of the pattern, nor the sewist (for once), but because my attempts to clothe my child in hand-crafted goodness has been thwarted.

Perhaps I'll just make an adult-sized vest for me.

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