17 March 2012

Not-Too-Pink Princess Party

I wrote this last week and thought I posted it.  Apparently, it didn't publish. So here it is a week late:

The Sprout turns three this week. Hard to believe, isn't it!?

She has been talking about her birthday for months.  And for months she has consistently said she wants a "princess" party.  When pressed, she doesn't really know what a princess party is except that she wants a birthday cake and "turrelling" (twirling).  I think we can oblige.

Pink Princess-y things sort of make me nauseous, I have to admit.  Fortunately for me, the Sprout's favorite color is ORANGE.  So we're having an Orange (and a little hot pink--but not the same as princess-y pink, no, not at all the same) Princess Birthday Party.  Unfortunately for me, there are no canned Orange Princess Party packages out there.  I'm doing most of it from scratch.  At least I get to create my own strong, wise woman Princess, not some damsel-in-distress or Disneyfied girl.

Here are some photos from my inspiration board on Pinterest.  Wish me luck planning this one, ok?  So far it's been a pretty quiet week at work, leaving me with extra energy to tackle party planning in the evenings.  I feel like I should knock on wood or something when I say that.  When you're working with teachers and students you can never predict what the next day will bring.  (Which is really what I most enjoy about the job, to be honest).

     Source: apieceocake.com via Deb on Pinterest

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