06 April 2012


Hello there, blog readers, old and new--

I was kindly awarded a Liebster Award this week by Tara at Girl Like the Sea.  Thanks, Tara! 

If you're new here, WELCOME, and let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I'm Deb.  I live in the verdant green of Portland, Oregon, with my husband (I call him the Wise and Bearded One around here) and my honey-haired three-year-old daughter, the Sprout.  We also have two housemates, two dogs and three chickens. 

As a full-time working mama, I blog irregularly, because I am working on living fully, creatively, every single day and sometimes that doesn't leave time or energy to blog.


I am currently fascinated by, in no particular order:
eating whole organic foods
asymmetrical haircuts
mosses and lichens
Mad Men
the intricacies of the human brain
modern design
faith and doubt
Anne Lamott
fashion blogs
sewing simple wearable clothes
maps and globes
Madeleine L'Engle
Rachel Held Evans
The Liebster Award goes to bloggers with up and coming small blogs, and less than 200 followers.. What I'm supposed to do now is:

1.  Thank the person who gave you the award and link to their blog.
2.  Choose 3-5 blogs with less than 200 followers and pass the award on to them.
3.  Display the Liebster Award somewhere on your blog

I am passing the Liebster Award on to:

Hide & Seek --I happen to know Cara in real life, but I'm always surprised by her blog.  She takes amazing photos, writes snippets of wisdom, and links to bits of beauty she finds in the world. 

In the Purple House --I think I first started reading Lise's blog because her daughter is exactly the same age as mine.  Lise is an early childhood educator and her blog is full of fun and creative ways for children to explore the world.  And she's crafty.

The Funky Clothespin --Joyce is the busy mama to three.  In fact, right now there is an infant in the house so the blog posting is a little sparse, but if you look back through the archives you'll see lots of creative projects this crafty mama completed.  As soon as she can see her way through the baby haze, I'm sure she'll be back at it again.

Please visit these blogger-friends of mine and say hi and tell 'em Deb sent you!

And if you're new here, please leave a comment to introduce yourself.  I'd be pleased to meet you.

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