21 May 2012

Made for Alissa's Bridal Shower

My sweet teacher friend, Alissa, is getting married this summer so I was privileged to attend her bridal shower on Sunday.  I know some people lament that they pin all these ideas on Pinterest and then never make anything.  I don't seem to have that problem.  Half the food I cook comes from Pinterest and whenever I'm in need of a fresh crafty idea, I just visit my Make It board on Pinterest.

I saw the sweetest Bride's Kit (for getting hitched without a hitch) on Pinterest and decided to make my own version of it. 

I thought of all the mini-emergencies that have happened at weddings I've been in, and bought out the travel-sized section at Target and the drugstore.  I was too lazy to paint and decorate a wooden box like the inspiration photo above, so I bought a little cardboard suitcase to tuck all the goodies into.  I wish I had a better photo than this one because it turned into a super adorable gift.  One I plan on repeating.

Ingredients: mints, tums, ibuprofen, eye drops, deodorant, tape, superglue, tissues, first-aid kit, sewing kit, static guard, safety pins, lint brush, spot-remover pen, clear nail polish, lotion, granola bars, Sharpie, and bobbie pins.  Items I wish I would have thought of and included: fashion tape and matches.  Can you think of anything else that is commonly forgotten on wedding days?
Since I spent all my energy packing the suitcase of wedding essentials, I didn't have any energy for making food for the brunch.  Fortunately for me, Staccatto Gelatto in Sellwood makes the most amazing cake donuts on Sundays only.  I bought a mixed dozen of ginger, cardamom and honey donuts and stacked them on a plate.  They were delicious!  And to make it look like I'm not TOO lazy, I made a little garland with twine, paper straws, and washi tape with the bride and groom's initials. 
Here's the beautiful bride on a grey rainy day brightened by friends, food and spring flowers.  Best wishes, Alissa!  May your wedding day be emergency-free and may your marriage be filled with joy!

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