21 August 2012

Made: New Pillow Covers

When we first moved to the Pacific Northwest, I knew the grey days would really bother me. Version 1.0 of our house had a different saturated color in every room because I thought the colors would offset the grey.

Over the years, I've learned I long for white and bright rooms to reflect as much light as possible. Version 2.0 of our house finds me slowly painting over each room with different shades of white and limiting the palette to whites/creams, black and wood tones. Here's how one half of our bowling-alley living room is looking these days.

The pillows and throws were getting a little too heavy on the IKEA scale for me, so when I found this black and cream honeycomb patterned fabric I had to make some new pillow covers. Perhaps a honeycomb pattern is appropriate for this bee's nest.

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