18 January 2006

Another Christmas Project

Here's a piece of jewelry I made for my mother-in-law for Christmas. I have given jewelry to my sisters-in-law several times but never knew if my mother-in-law (what an awkward phrase!) would want a necklace. Having grown up in conservative Mennonite circles, she's not accustomed to wearing "fancy" stuff. But, when I saw the nice chunk of olive jade I knew it was calling her name and needed to be fashioned into a necklace. She claims to love it. Of course, she lives halfway across the continent so if she doesn't love it, I'll never know :)

Making jewelry is oddly satisfying. I love running my fingers through the cool beads of stone and gem and pearls. My right brain loves the creative process of picking the colors and shapes that please my eye. My left brain enjoys sorting them into the order and sequence in which I string them. There's a certain mathematical precision that I find restful. Once, I think shortly after I read the DaVinci Code, I even based a necklace design on the Fibonacci Numbers. I am such a geek!

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