16 January 2006

Soldered Glass Charms

One of my pre-Chrismas projects was experimenting with making charms out of glass slides, copper tape and solder. I kept seeing cool charms at the crafty stores that I haunt when I am on a creative whim. Most of the work other people are doing is very Victorian or "heritage" as they like to call it. I think this is due to the fact that old images are usually copyright free and can be used and sold with no problems. However, I am not really enamored by the look. I figured that I could come up with more creative original images on my own. I made a series of little houses using an old dictionary, some funky paper scraps, and soldering tools that I bought on-line from Scrap-a-Latte (who can resist a store with Latte in their name?). On the back side I put quotes that I love about the importance of Home. Some of them I soldered all around the edges and also soldered a ring to the top to run a ribbon through. This makes a pretty sturdy charm but my soldering technique is rudimentary at best and some of them turned out blobby and pointy. On a few I didn't even bother with soldering--just used copper tape and a little E600 glue. We'll see how those hold up with use. I was pleased with how the last couple that I made turned out, so I might make a few more before I clean up all the scraps of paper and shift to...sewing? I need curtains and want to make a cloth book for my neice.

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