31 January 2006


I really want to blog about my job as a learning specialist (i.e. special education lackey) but one of the first things they drill into you in college is the confidentiality of students with special needs. It's pretty hard to blog without giving away any identifiable traits and qualities. So... Suffice it to say that the last three weeks have felt long and discouraging. I work my tail off and kids regress. I work my tail off and parents come to conferences and imply (and/or yell) that I and my staff are "not doing enough" or "don't really understand___(insert son or daughter's disabling condition here)". I work my tail off and then read yet another opinion piece about why public schools are failing. I'm telling you, I'm doing MY part. Maybe a few more fancy-pants politicians should get off their podiums and go teach a junior high class for a year.

On a related note, I couldn't watch the state of the union speech tonight. I made Nate switch to Dirty Jobs instead. At least Mike Rowe appears to do real honest labor. My dislike for George Bush has turned to active disgust. I know we're supposed to love everybody, but geez! Making tax breaks permanent (for the wealthy) will make our economy better?!? HELLOOO.

I feel a little better. I'm going to bed. Maybe tomorrow I'll come back and delete this post.


njc said...

A new blog?! Woo-hoo! I've been thinking of starting a new blog, since a fair amount (like 3) people from Goshen read my other one and knowing that inhibits me from doing things I like to do like talking about drinking or swearing a lot. But really, do I want to live my life in secret?

Anyway, sorry for the rambles. Maybe I'll just make your comment section my new space for revealing myself. (-:

tabitha jane said...

don't delete it. it is so honest and truthful. i think that is important.

Deb said...

nathalie, i thought maybe this would be my "secret" blog but then people keep finding it! feel free to swear and talk about drinking just as much as you want to in my comments :) i think I'll go swig down the rest of that bottle of tempranillo that is sitting on my counter right now.