22 February 2006


I've decided to take a detour from the truly hideous chairs. We bought this midcentury modern rocker off of Craigslist the other day. Its upholstery is in pretty bad shape, plus it is a much simpler project. So last weekend, between copious bouts of sleeping to get rid of my cold/flu, I bought this great fabric to recover it. Stacey helped pick it out at the Whole 9 Yards. It didn't photograph very well but it is a deep brick red color with orange-red circles and green/gold dots on it. I love it. I spread it out on the living room floor (good thing I have a bowling alley of a living room!) and cut out all the pieces. Tonight I cleaned off one of the tables in our office/studio (translate: shoved all the junk from one table on to another table). I'm going to try my hand at making some piping. I'll blog about it if I survive.

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