24 February 2006

Single-handedly Burning a Hole in the Ozone Layer

So I started into my upholstery project the other night. The Books of the Wise Upholstery Gods say that you should cover your old foam cushions with new upholstery batting--sort of like quilt batting except much scruffier and tougher. To do this you are to liberally spray adhesive in a well-ventilated area. I should preface this by saying that I have had unfortunate experiences with spray adhesive in the past. I should also say that I am too lazy to put on my coat and go out to the garage, so I opened one window in my workspace about 3 inches. That counts as well-ventilated in my book.

Then I set out the materials I would need. I promptly knocked my $14.99 can of spray adhesive off the table and onto the floor. The sprayer part of the aerosal can broke off entirely and it began to sputter spray adhesive about the room. My superior thought process caused me to grab it and try to rescue the spray by directing it toward the foam and batting that needed to be sprayed anyway. I forgot that a.) spray adhesive is nasty, noxious, sticky stuff and b.) aerosol cans become extremely cold when they are about to explode. My fingers started to freeze around the top of the canister as I frantically aimed the spittle of the adhesive at its intended target. I had a rag sitting on the desk. (Ok, so it WAS a perfectly good washcloth but NOW it's a rag). I grabbed the rag with my other hand and covered the spray spout whenever I needed the spray to stop long enough for me to move one cushion out of the way and replace it with the new victim.

The results: Hand frozen and going into toxic shock. Spray everywhere. Little fibers of upholstery foam and batting combined with nasty adhesive all over my hands. Can of expensive adhesive emptying itself into a plastic bag in the back yard. Frustration. New hole in ozone layer directly over our house.


tabitha jane said...

congratulations. sounds lovely.

i had a can of spray on glitter do just that . . . i calmly placed it in the bathtub and ran the shower until it was empty . . .

yes, i rinsed all of that nasty stuff directly down the drain and into the environment.

why did my mother buy me that stuff for my birthday anyway? silly mom.

bee said...

Ack, Yikes! That is so frustrating. I just did an upholstery project last week and found your blog while doing research. I found that running into problems made it so hard to keep motivated. So I hope that things go better for you from here on out!